Culture Grid - Hack Day - SOLR

The search interface is powered by SOLR (, an open source enterprise search platform developed by the Apache foundation.

Base URL

The base URL for SOLR searching is but this needs additional parameters as defined below.

 SOLR Search Syntax

The SOLR syntax is fully described in the SOLR documentation.  See, for example:

Selected search access points

SOLR Index

Description Unique identifier of the record within CG
cld.accessConditions Access conditions for a collection level record
oai_is.administrativeStatus Administrative status of an institution
oai_is.alternativeName Alternative name of an institution Contact email address for the record
vcard.fn Contact name for the record Contact organisation for the record
vcard.voice Contact telephone number for the record
dcterms.audience Intended audience for the record

Path to the cached thumbnail for the record within CG if there is one. This should be prefixed with

collectionObjectName The name of an object related to the collection record
collectionPublication A publication associated with the collection record
dc.contributor The name of a contributor to the record
cld.contentsDateRange The date range for items in the collection
dc.coverage The coverage of the record - normally either temporal or spatial
dc.creator The creator of the object being described by the record
cld.custodialHistory A date associated with the record in some way
dc.description A description of the thing described by the record
disabledAccess The level of disabled access for an institution
dc.format The format of the object being described
have_thumbnail Whether of not we have a thumbnail for the record cached within CG

The actual identifier for the record at its original source - unique when combined with the 'authority' field

dcterms.isPartOf The code of the collection(s) within CG that this record is arranged within
dcterms.isPartOf_Name The name of the collection(s) within CG that this record is arranged within
ukonline_identifier The identifier of this institution within UKOnline
netbase_identifier The identifier of this institution within Netbase
cornucopia_identifier The cornucopia identifier of this institution
domus_identifier The identifier of this institution within Domus
archon_identifier The identifier of this institution within Archon
mda_identifier The MDA identiifer of this institution
oai_is.jurisdiction The jurisdiction controlling this institution
dc.language The language of the record (pretty much always English I think)
dcterms.license The URL of any license associated with the record
dcterms.licenseText A textual license statement associated with the record
e20cl.materials The materials that used to create an object described here
cld.note General notes related to a collection description record (CLD)
mla.operational_hours Opening hours, etc. of an institution
cld.owner The owner of a collection  
record_type The type of record 'item', 'collection' or 'institution'
e20cl.relatedEvent An event related to the object being described
e20cl.relatedOrganisation An organisation related to the object being described
e20cl.relatedPerson A person related to the object being described
e20cl.relatedSubject A subject related to the object being described
dc.relation A link to the providing institution’s representation of the record if there is one.
dc.rights A rights statement associated with the record
dcterms.rightsHolder A person or institution that holds the rights for the object
cld.seeAlso Links to information / records related to this collection
dc.source The original provider of the records to the institution that we aggregate from
dcterms.spatial Spatial information related to the record
dc.subject A subject to which the record relates
subject.combined A combination of the following three fields
subject.event An event which is the subject of the record
subject.organisation An organisation which is the subject of the record
subject.person A person who is the subject of the record
dcterms.temporal Temporal information about the record (unparsed)
pndsterms.thumbnail The original thumbnail link that was in the record
dc.title The title of the record
dcmi.type The type of the object described by the record e.g. 'Image', 'PhysicalObject', etc.
mla.usage_conditions A link to a website for the institution
collectionParentCLD The identifier(s) of parent collections within a hierarchy of CLDs
collectionChildCLD The identifier(s) of children collections within a hierarchy of CLDs
collectionAssociatedCLD The identifier(s) of other related collections within a hierarchy of CLDs
itemRelatedCLD The identifier(s) of CLD records that are related to an item

Whether or not we've been able to parse out some temporal information from the data. If this is true then some of the following 9 fields will be populated

temporal.from A from date (ignoring era)
temporal.from.withEra A from date including BC/AD A to date (ignoring era) A to date including BC/AD

The decades to which this record relates - if a record spans more than 100 years then only the first and last decade are given

temporal.granularity The level of granularity of the date parsed e.g. 'century', 'decade', 'year', etc.
temporal.from.era The era of the from date The era of the to date
authority The code of the provider of the record within CG
authority_name The friendly name of the provider of the record within CG
lat A latitude associated with the institution
lng A longitude associated with the institution

A catch all fields that has the contents of the title, description and a couple of other fields that means you can search them all with a simpler query