Culture Grid - Hack Day - SRU

This standards based search interface acts as a wrapper around the SOLR search interface.

Base URL

The base URL for SRU searching is

 SRU Search Syntax

The SRU syntax is fully described in the SRU documentation.  See:

Available search access points


SRU Index

Maps to SOLR index

 authority authority
 creator dc.creator
 dc.title dc.title
 dc.subject dc.subject
 collection dcterms.isPartOf
 dc.description dc.description
 have_thumbnail have_thumbnail
dc.identifier dc.identifier
record_type record_type
dcterms.spatial dcterms.spatial
dc.subject dc.subject
subject.combined subject.combined
subject.event subject.event
subject.event subject.event
subject.organistaion subject.organisation
subject.person subject.person
dcterms.temporal dcterms.temporal
pndsterms.thumbnail pndsterms.thumbnail
dcmi.type dcmi.type
fullText text
institution_sector institution_sector
institution_type institution_type