The AB Sugar Community Site, going from strength to strength

Associated British Foods group publishes a quarterly People Development newsletter. The AB Sugar Community Site which Knowledge Integration are continuing to develop for the group was recently the subject of an article.

The AB Sugar Community Site is becoming a useful way of transferring knowledge and connecting people across the business,” says Jon Butterworth, Skills Development Manager, AB Sugar.

“We began working on the Community Site just under two years ago, and the site has been up and running for 18 months now. It provides us with an in-house social networking service, developed using open source content management software customised to our needs, and is part of our initiative to establish networks and support communities of practice for target groups within AB Sugar.

“There are currently over 800 registered users, of whom around 300 are generally active within a month. The site is proving to be particularly helpful in the development of the Operations group as group members can quickly get advice and suggestions for real issues they are facing. On the site’s dashboard there are currently 41 groups that may be joined, a Resource Library, Expert Finder, and a link to our online technical skills Campus.

“One big benefit of the site is that people can post questions that may be answered from anywhere in the group, across the world, rather than everything being routed centrally. We now have a number of case studies in which optimal solutions have resulted from queries posted.

“Since everything is archived the Community Site is constantly accumulating information and becoming a really useful store of knowledge and good practice. We have further enhancements planned in the coming months and we are confident that the site will go from strength to strength.”