Horniman Museum use Collections Information Integration Middleware (CIIM) to great success

Congratulations to the Horniman Museums and Gardens for winning the "Long-lived" category in the Best of the Web Winners awards at the MW2014: Museums and the Web 2014 conference. 

We are pleased to have been working with the Horniman Museum since 2010. Over the past four years the museum has managed to increase its online collection from 500 artefacts to over 20,000 and has seen its number of website visitors double in size. The Museums and the Web 2014 website has the full story of how this was achieved.

Our work with the Horniman began when staff realised that the website was out of date, confusing and failing to represent the organisation's personality. A decision was made to reinvent the museum's digital offer and promoting and growing the museum's online collections was a central aim of their long-term strategy.

Knowledge Integration was selected by the museum to help make their online collections transparently reflect the content of their collections management system without needing to resort to manual data exports. We achieved this using our Collections Information Integration Middleware (CIIM) which sits between the museum's website and Collections Management System.

Other organisations benefiting from resource discovery through the CIIM include Museum of London, National Maritime Museum, Imperial War Museum and we are currently implementing the CIIM at the Royal Armouries to provide a unified search interface across its library, archives and collections management systems.