MEDIA project begins

K-Int began work on 1 June on a new 18 month collaborative R&D project part funded by the Technology Strategy Board's  "Metadata: increasing the value of digital content" programme.  The project is led by Soutron Ltd with Collections Trust and the Chartered institute of Management as partners in addition to k-int.

The project aims to create a proof of concept system that allows an organisation to control and manage digital assets after they have “left” the repository in which they are normally stored. The resulting system will enable owners of existing content repositories and archives (e.g. libraries, museums, corporate enterprises) to enhance the use of existing content by monetising access to digital content and assets, thus generating new income and knowledge streams. This approach will address two major problems in the current processes that exist for many digital repositories:

  • Poor control of access to content and the digital assets that are referenced by metadata and easily downloaded and shared;
  • Widespread unauthorised dissipation of content.

MEDIA will overcome these problems through an innovative combination of Cloud Computing services and encapsulation technologies using metadata-based steganographic encoding.