New Product Launch: Collections Connect

K-Int, in collaboration with Gooii Ltd, used the Open Culture 2011 event in Brimingham to announce the launch of a new product - Collections Connect.  Collections Connect has been developed based on work already undertaken for clients including Museum of London, National Maritime Museum, Imperial War Museum and Horniman Museum.  It is a modular product which extracts data from a range of collections management systems and makes this available for enhancement, sharing with other systems (as open/ linked data) or searching via a fast and attractive user interface.  Collections Connect has its own website at

Collections Connect is a flexible middleware solution for museums and other cultural sector institutions. It is based on a series of modules centred around the core CIIM (collections information integration module).  In theory, all other modules are optional but, in practice, all deployments will include at least one data extraction module and one presentation or sharing module.  Key features include:


  • Works with a range of CMSs and DAMs, or can be used without a CMS at all (e.g. extracting data from a spreadsheet or Access database)
  • Runs independently of the CMS to provide data security and mitigate the load on internal systems
  • Models and presents your data as you want it
  • Re-purposes records for use in particular contexts without affecting the underlying curatorial data
  • Searching is based on a SOLR index, optimised for data retrieval and presentation
  • Designed and developed based on Open Data principles and standards throughout
  • Modular, scalable and fully customisable; options range from full websites (bespoke or 'out of the box') to open/ linked data only implementations


Full details on the product website at