New R&D project - Social Interpretation and Cultural Exchange (SICE)

k-int will partner with the Imperial War Museum and University College London to deliver this innovative project funded under the  Digital Research and Development Fund for Arts and Culture run by Arts Council England, the Arts and Humanities Research Counil (AHRC) and Nesta.

Competition for funding was fierce with 495 being whittled down to a shortlist of 18 from which the 8 projects to receive funding were chosen.  SICE, which will receive the largest amount of funding of all the projects, will leverage social media (e.g. facebook & twitter) to enable audiences discuss and share of cultural experiences.  Users will be able interact with the system via a web application, a mobile application and in gallery. The 'back-end' system will be based on k-int's existing Collections Information Integration Module (CIIM) with new modular components being added to harvest, store, index and disseminate discussions and comments about objects and themes within the IWM collection.  The software developed by k-int will be made available to the wider cultural community as part of the Collections Connect modular solution.

The project runs for 1 year from October 2011.  for more information about this and the other projects funded under the scheme, see