The CenturyShare demonstrator was commissioned (via competitive tender) by the Strategic Content Alliance (SCA). The SCA is a partnership involving JISC, BBC, Becta, British Library, National Electronic Library for Health and MLA. The requirement was to build a portal, based around a time-line interface similar to that used in BBC MemoryShare, which provides access to a range of diverse content from stakeholders and their constituencies centred around a number of key themes.

The tender was won by a consortium led by k-int which included Gooii Ltd, Collections Trust, DJ Alchemi and Museum of London. The project involved close collaboration with a team from the BBC who assisted the project in identification of potential content sources and in user interface design criteria.

Our role, in addition to overall project management, was to provide the 'back-end' aggregator system, based on the same core software components as the DCSF Parent Know How Portal. this system aggregated metadata from from range of sources, indexing it and exposing for search and retrieval through a range of standards based APIs. Gooii developed the time-line drivern user interface component around these APIs.

The project was completed on schedule in March 2009. The demonstrator was maintained and hosted by k-int on behalf of SCA until July 2010.  The main open source system components of CenturyShare have been re-used on the Culture Grid timeline interface.