Knowledge Integration

‘Business as usual’ at the Archives Hub

In the connected worlds of software development and service delivery, it is easy to forget that sometimes “business as usual” is actually an end in itself.

Having recently upgraded to the latest version of the CIIM platform, the Archives Hub team and Knowledge Integration were reflecting on the fact that we have now been working together for over four years.

When we first began work on the redevelopment of the platform in 2015 our goal was to improve and enhance but also to consolidate; not just the multitude of data sources feeding into the archive but also the many bespoke user workflows and ingest procedures involved in aggregating the data. We also hoped that the management interface could eventually be tailored to allow the data providers to manage their own content. At the time this goal seemed a long way away, but we achieved it and the Archives Hub is now maintained through streamlined and efficient processes.

This recent period of reflection was prompted by a comment from one of the Hub contributors:-

All these uploads went very smoothly, and I am extremely pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick the process is. No doubt it has taken a great deal of work to get to this point, so thank you. Please pass my compliments on to the rest of your team; I’m very impressed.

Business as usual – I think we’ll all take that – onwards and upwards.