Knowledge Integration

Manx National Heritage launch 3D digital images of Manx Crosses

Manx National Heritage have enabled users of iMuseum to explore 3D digital images of the historically important Manx Crosses, using Sketchfab integration via their CIIM platform.

To quote Manx National Heritage:-

“The Manx Crosses are stone objects of extraordinary diversity and cultural interest found throughout the Isle of Man. They range from simple grave markers to elaborately decorated and inscribed monuments. The stones were carved during a pivotal time, stretching from the Island’s introduction and conversion to Christianity in the 5th and 6th centuries, through to the reorganisation of the church in the 12th and 13th centuries.

“Some of the stones are carved with letters of the Ogham, Runic and Latin alphabets, while others include personal and place names and scenes from Christian and Norse mythology. About a third of the crosses are publicly displayed in two cross shelters located at Kirk Maughold and Old Lonan Church in their respective parishes. Another third are allocated their own spaces in several churches throughout the island. The last third of the crosses are located within the Manx Museum, either on display in the galleries or within the stores or archives.”

The project was a collaboration between Manx National Heritage, Lancaster University, the University of Southampton and Knowledge Integration. The Sketchfab viewer integration was carried out by Gooii.

Take a look at the 3D modelling (Ronaldsway Village Cross Slab) in action on iMuseum.