The challenge

Manx National Heritage represents the Manx Museum and National Trust. A core aim is to promote its cultural heritage and identity to a world-wide audience by providing access to cultural assets held in the National Museum, Library and Archives and Heritage Environment Record. iMuseum provides an online interface to the island’s cultural assets. A complete redevelopment was needed to bring it in line with Manx National Heritage’s plans to:

  • improve operational efficiencies and costs in managing and sharing the Island’s collections information online
  • extract data from existing collection systems to deliver information in new, open and exciting ways
  • enhance the presentation and search access to the Library and Archives
  • enhance the user experience when accessing the digital collections online

What we delivered

We built the new iMuseum for Manx National Heritage in partnership with Gooii Ltd.

Our modular suite of middleware software, CIIM, was deployed to help realise the aspirations of the customer in improving access to its collections. CIIM replaced the bespoke marshalling application which was previously in use. Now data is synchronised from the Collections Management System MIMSY XG and made available externally via a public facing API.

Users benefit from being able to discover items in the museum collections, library, archives, people and places all in a single search.

Image artefacts are extracted from the internal image store and published externally for online display.

As CIIM is entirely customisable, the rules for data extraction, validation and modelling were all custom-defined.

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