Knowledge Integration

Development of Controlled Digital Lending for Folio

We are delighted to be collaborating with EBSCO Information Services to develop functionality to support Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) in the FOLIO Library Services Platform.

The collaboration, announced in a press release on June 15th, will begin with a Discovery phase which will examine requirements and technical options. As part of this we will investigate the suitability of approaches to resource sharing and CDL, developed by ourselves and Index Data as part of Project ReShare, for use within Folio.

The overall aim of the collaboration is to make CDL functionality available within Folio in 2022. The project underlines our commitment to expanding the functionality of the Folio platform and ensuring that it meets the needs of libraries worldwide.

The project is also an example of our ongoing collaboration with EBSCO which we believe is of great benefit to the Folio community.

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