Michael Sagar

Michael, slapping da bass in Hot Fuss
Michael, slapping da bass in Hot Fuss

Developer, 2011-2018

I started at Knowledge Integration (K-Int) way back in 2011 as a placement student from The University of Huddersfield. The knowledge I gained during this placement year proved to be invaluable, not only did K-Int give me a part-time job whilst in my final year. They made me a better developer and I was able to achieve a 1st class degree and a chancellor’s award.

On completion of my degree I was offered a full-time job, which I gratefully accepted. Since then I have travelled around europe working on a large three-year EU funded project called Optician 2020. Although relatively early in my career I was given the opportunity to lead the development of the ICT platform for this project. I am happy to report it was a success. A personal highlight for me was enjoying a paid for meal at a Michelin star restaurant. As a man from Barnsley I always thought a Michelin star was a rating for expensive car tyres.

For the last three to four years at K-Int I worked closely with museums to help deliver bespoke CIIM implementations to help them get their collections online, amongst other things.

In a nutshell Knowledge Integration haven’t just helped me become a developer, but I have made a bunch of friends. To the point I am still expecting an invite to the Christmas party.