Angus Young

Developer, 2020-2022

During my time at Knowledge Integration I worked within the CIIM team, developing a variety of software solutions for customers in the cultural sector. The diversity of the projects and the range of different technologies and tools that I was given the opportunity to use was a fantastic learning experience, for which I will always be grateful. Working in smaller teams meant that I was given a lot of responsibility, but also allowed me to effect real change to the core product and solution ecosystem. Working within the cultural sector, and seeing your work coming together to form such an important online presence is really rewarding.

Everyone at Knowledge Integration was a pleasure to work with. Whatever I was working on, there was always someone with valuable experience that I could call upon for a second opinion or guidance. No problem was too large to tackle, and even though everyone was involved in different projects, it really felt like a team effort. I will really miss the many, many trips to the pub after a long Friday in the office (although I’m sure I could have my arm twisted into going for a swift one if I’m back in Sheffield!).

Michael Sagar

Michael, slapping da bass in Hot Fuss
Michael, slapping da bass in Hot Fuss

Developer, 2011-2018

I started at Knowledge Integration (K-Int) way back in 2011 as a placement student from The University of Huddersfield. The knowledge I gained during this placement year proved to be invaluable, not only did K-Int give me a part-time job whilst in my final year. They made me a better developer and I was able to achieve a 1st class degree and a chancellor’s award.

On completion of my degree I was offered a full-time job, which I gratefully accepted. Since then I have travelled around europe working on a large three-year EU funded project called Optician 2020. Although relatively early in my career I was given the opportunity to lead the development of the ICT platform for this project. I am happy to report it was a success. A personal highlight for me was enjoying a paid for meal at a Michelin star restaurant. As a man from Barnsley I always thought a Michelin star was a rating for expensive car tyres.

For the last three to four years at K-Int I worked closely with museums to help deliver bespoke CIIM implementations to help them get their collections online, amongst other things.

In a nutshell Knowledge Integration haven’t just helped me become a developer, but I have made a bunch of friends. To the point I am still expecting an invite to the Christmas party.

Ioannis Latousakis

Ioannis Latousakis photo
Ioannis rock climbing in Swanage

Developer, 2013-2015

I was interviewed by Knowledge Integration in 2013, towards the end of my MSc at University of York. While looking for a job, it was important for me to find a place with experienced developers, that would provide exposure to a lot of projects and dynamic environments.

Another important criterion was a small, friendly team which would promote positive social interaction, and little to no corporate stress. I was fortunate to be hired by Knowledge Integration, as I got the chance to work on a diverse range of projects, from image processing, to museum CMS, and academic library management. Even though K-Int are a small company, there is a lot of expertise among the developers, and a number of large enterprise-level projects, which one will more commonly find in larger organisations.

Many of the projects are collaborative, which further increases the exposure to different ideas and cultures, and the chance to expand one’s knowledge. Finally, I could not have wished for a better work environment. I felt close and welcome by all members of the team, and have many good memories from our group outings to the local pubs, and the occasional days out.

Ultimately my decision to leave the team was dictated by my desire to move south for personal reasons. Still, I remain in contact with many members of the team, and have not missed any Christmas-dos to-date!