We’ve all come across an app or system which is frustrating to use. For these projects, it’s likely that the user experience was just an afterthought, or maybe not even a consideration at all. In our book, if a user interface is needed then so is UX design investment. From the very beginning of a project, throughout development and beyond its delivery.

We offer a full UX service of user and stakeholder consultation, workflow design, wireframing graphic design and evaluation. This approach is applied as standard to our user interface development projects.

Consultation with users takes place at different stages of a project and we are happy to organise and facilitate the collection of your customer’s feedback and opinions on your behalf. Face to face focus groups, online video-conferencing, webinars and online questionnaires as all part of our standard toolset.

Sometimes a project will benefit from the user experience design being delivered by an independent party. We are happy to offer our UX design services to work with your development team of choice, as standalone consultants, at any point in your project.

To get a sense of our range of UX services and expertise, take a look at our work on: