We offer a wide range services to help with your information systems needs. We don’t have a prescriptive formula or rigid methodology that we use to achieve this. Instead we start out by listening to your requirements and collaborating with your staff and stakeholders to deliver the best solution for you.

All of our services are geared towards responding to customer needs. We can offer research and development services to help you define the problem space or to research available options.

Whether your chosen solution involves a product or custom development, we offer a full range of implementation services and are happy to adapt the process and tools to fit with your in-house systems and methodologies. This includes providing specialist input to UX design if required.

Once your solution is delivered, we offer comprehensive support based on a flexible service level agreement and can help with deployment options through our hosting services, which draw on our practical experience of cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services.

Find out more about each service using the options below, or take a look at our approach in action.

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    We can install and extend your third party system, import data and content into it, and integrate it with other systems.


  • Custom development icon

    Custom development

    Custom solution design and build to meet your specific requirements. With training and support options.

    Custom development

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    Research and development

    Our consultancy and R&D services deliver innovations in knowledge and technology.

    Research and development

  • UX design icon

    UX design

    User experience design to make your system a pleasure to use, and keep your customers happy.

    UX design

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    Support & Hosting

    We offer comprehensive and flexible support and hosting options for all systems we deliver.

    Support and hosting

Your systems need to work together

Nowadays systems within an organisation are interlinked and it’s impossible to view each one in isolation. This is why we consider interoperability to be important from the outset. We have a range of tools in our toolkit including open standards and APIs to ensure that the system we build for you plays nicely with other systems. We’ve got decades of collective experience doing this but are always keen to take on board new ideas and relish new challenges that demand innovative solutions.