The alliances and partnerships we’ve built up over the years are important to us. Joining up with like minded people with complementary skills and expertise enables us to build specialist teams to meet specific project requirements and to work on large scale projects.

Below are some of the people we’ve partnered with on software development, research and development, and consultancy projects in recent years. If you are interested in working with us we’d love to hear from you.

Cottage Labs logo

Cottage Labs

Like us, Cottage Labs are strong advocates of open source software with wide experience of delivering high quality results for customers in the higher education sector.  We collaborated with them on the Jisc Monitor Local project. Together we explored ways in which Jisc might help institutions meet new and emerging requirements around open access to academic outputs such as journal articles and conference proceedings.

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David Jennings

David and Neil Smith worked together as Occupational Psychologists back in the late 1980s.  When David set up his consultancy company in the 1990s Gill osguthorpe was one of the first employees.  Since then we’ve kept in touch with David and worked with him on a number of consultancy assignments.  Most recently, David acted as project manager for the development of Citizen Maths.

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Dick Moore

Dick is a former Technical Director of LearnDirect as well as acting as CTO for a number of other organisations. We have worked with Dick on a number of consultancy projects and also collaborated with him to build the WiQI prototype.

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EBSCO logo


EBSCO is one of the largest companies worldwide offering services such as e-books, journals and magazines as well as discovery services and e-resource management tools to libraries including higher education, corporate, public sector and schools.  As well as participating in the Folio community, we collaborate with EBSCO on a number of resource discovery initiatives.

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Extensis logo


Extensis is a software company based in Portland, Oregon producing the Portfolio Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) which is used extensively within the cultural sector. The Extensis team realised that a common problem within the sector is automatically embedding DAMS links in back-office systems, whilst ensuring that the DAMS metadata also remains in synch with its authoritative source. They approached us to see if our CIIM product could assist in this process and since then the Portfolio/CIIM combination has been successfully deployed in a number of institutions, including National Trust for Scotland and Fitzwilliam Museum.

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Farallon Geographics logo

Farallon Geographics

Farallon is a small, employee-owned, technology company based in the San Francisco area which specialises in the application of geospatial technologies.  Farallon are lead developers of the open source Arches software.  We have collaborated closely with Farallon in the first live implementation of v4 of the Arches software for City of Lincoln Council.

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Gooii specialise in the design of websites and apps.  We have worked with them on a number of projects over the years, notably Jisc Historical Texts, Archives Hub, Royal Armouries and iMuseum.

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Index Data logo

Index Data

As individuals, our relationship with Seb and Adam from Index Data goes back to EU 4th Framework projects in the 1990s.  We share a common background in information retrieval standards such as Z39.50.  More recently, we have collaborated closely with Index Data as co-developers of the Folio Library Management Platform.

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Mundo Jumbo logo


MundoJumbo is a consultancy vehicle owned by Jag Goraya. Jag has extensive experience as a Business Analyst and as a catalyst for change in large scale commercial projects as well as being actively engaged in local grass roots community projects. He is a passionate advocate of open data and community engagement.

Jag has extensive experience of agile methodologies such as Scrum and has worked as an integral member of the K-Int team on projects where we need to provide specific roles, such as Scrum Master.

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Numiko Logo


Numiko is an award-winning digital agency, solving problems for clients through user research, design and technology. For 22 years they have worked on large-scale projects for leading entertainment, arts, cultural, public sector, third sector and higher education organisations. We have collaborated with them on projects for British Museum, The National Archives and Royal Armouries.

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Open Culture logo

Open Culture

Open is a technology-led digital design consultancy specialising in projects for the cultural sector. We have worked closely with Tom Elsner and his team to design the technical and information architectures which will be used to deliver a host of new initiatives. Such as “RAF Stories”, as part of RAF 100, the RAF Museum re-launch timed to coincide with the organisation’s centenary.

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Open Library Foundation

Open Library Foundation

The Open Library Foundation is an independent not for profit organisation whose mission is to assist and facilitate educational organizations, foundations, partnerships and commercial entities in collaborating to foster, develop and sustain open technologies and innovation to support libraries, learning, research and teaching.

Our history with the Open Library Foundation reaches back to the GOKb project, and we are looking forward to a long future of collaboration on projects like FOLIO.

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Owen Stephens Consulting

Owen is a consultant with a strong background in academic libraries combined with a good understanding of the role technology can play.  We have worked with Owen on a number of projects including Knowledge Base+ and Jisc Monitor Local.

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Reuben Osborne

Reuben is a former employee of K-Int, where he worked across the Arches, CIIM and Health Informatics teams. We have since kept in touch and Reuben has worked alongside us as a consultant on various Arches projects.

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Schemeta logo


Mike Collett of Schemeta was chair of elearning standards committees for BSI and CEN and head of the UK delegation to the equivalent ISO committee for a number of years. Schemeta were partners with us in Vocabulary Management Group, the joint venture responsible for the initial development of our Lexaurus product. Mike continues to work with us on initiatives within elearning and vocabulary management. Most recently on documentation and training for the Skatteetaten project.

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Seb Schmoller

Seb has been at the forefront of developments in elearning since the 1990s.  A former Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology, Seb has worked with us on a number of consultancy assignments as well as acting as Project Director, and inspiration behind, Citizen Maths.

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