Our expertise and reputation in our key sectors often leads to customers asking us to build bespoke solutions.

Not all of the projects we undertake involve our products or third party products. Many of our customers occupy a unique role or provide a unique service and need a completely bespoke solution to meet their requirements.

We work with our customers

At the outset of a custom development project we establish a clear understanding of your problem space including your initial requirements, longer term goals, timescales and, of course, budget. Our staff have long experience of requirements gathering and are happy to engage in initial exploratory talks on a ‘no commitment’ basis. We pride ourselves on our ability to give impartial advice and will never try to promote one of our own solutions if we feel it isn’t in your best interests.

Reuse and re-purpose

Building a custom solution doesn’t necessarily mean starting from a blank page. Over the years we have built up a large and growing library of code components, snippets and patterns which are available to be be reused and repurposed in new projects. Our extensive experience of open source software also allows us to identify third party components which can be used as part of an overall solution. For example, we were one of the first UK companies to recognise the potential of Elasticsearch and incorporate it as a component in many of our solutions.

Custom development projects are invariably combined with implementation activities and support to provide full project life cycle services to customers. Examples of custom development projects in different contexts include: