One of the key factors in the success of Knowledge Integration has been our positive approach to collaboration combined with a commitment to remain on the leading edge of developments in key sectors and specialisms. This has inevitably led to us getting involved in a wide range of research and development activity, much of which has been collaborative in nature.

Prior to founding Knowledge Integration, the directors already had a track record through the 1990s of managing and participating in collaborative Research and Development (R&D) through EU 4th Framework projects such as GAIA and UNIverse as well as Jisc eLib projects including RIDING, AGORA and Music Libraries Online.

Research and development for us covers a wide range of activities, from large scale collaborative projects with tens of partners through smaller scale more focussed project to internal work on innovative new software or features. All R&D projects, though, involve an investment of our own resources and are undertaken to broaden our skills, knowledge and product set rather than to generate short term profit. Most of the larger scale R&D projects we have been involved with have been funded through European Union funded initiatives and we look forward to continued international collaboration with our partners in Europe and further afield. At the UK level we have received funding from Jisc, Technology Strategy Board, NESTA and others with most projects being undertaken in partnership with existing customers to develop innovative new features. Wherever possible, our policy is to incorporate the positive outcomes of R&D into our product set for the benefit of all customers.

We are always open to approaches for new collaborative work so, if you’ve got a R&D project in mind that you think we could help with then don’t hesitate to get in touch.