Knowledge Integration

FOLIO: celebrating success

At the end of August, Chalmers University of Technology went live as an early adopter of the FOLIO Library Services Platform.

You can read more about the detail in these posts by Chalmers:

We’re really excited at K-Int about this first implementation of FOLIO because two of the main modules in use by Chalmers are “Agreements” and “Licenses”. Each of these “apps” has been built and developed outside the core FOLIO team as collaborations between the library community and software developers. Massive kudos is due to GBV Common Library Network who commissioned the work and continue to support and fund its development in the truest spirit of openness and collaboration, in both a European and a global context.

Our relationship with GBV goes back to 2016, when they adopted an early branch of KB+ in the form of “LAS:eR” to meet some of their Electronic Resource Management (ERM) needs.  Soon after GBV also adopted the hosting and maintenance of the GOKB (Global Open Knowledgebase) system developed by K-Int under a MELON grant to the OLF.

Discussions soon ensued about the possibility of working together on a next generation ERM solution. GBV, under the watchful eye of Kirstin Kemner-Heek, Martina Schildt and Martina Tumulla, had the vision and foresight to see possible connections between ERM and aspects of FOLIO, such as the Acquisitions suite of apps. They realised that much more could be achieved by building an ERM system inside the FOLIO libraries platform: and so the FOLIO ERM team was born!

Since those humble beginnings, the team has become a driving force behind ERM, and also the wider challenges within FOLIO around how to make individual apps work together over application boundaries.

Knowledge Integration continue to lead the development of the Agreements and Licenses apps with Owen as Product Owner coordinating the subject experts and communicating requirements to the development team, Jag as scrum master marshalling internal staff and contributed resource from other institutions, Steve as Technical Lead, and UX and architectural input from Gill and Ian. The ERM team will meet in Göttingen in October to discuss plans for implementing FOLIO in German libraries – more news soon!