Psydev’s LIS Gateway is a reference implementation of the IMS Learning Information Services (LIS) standard (version 2.0.x). It is an actual service that behaves as per the standard, rather than being a skeleton back end that returns hard coded or fictitious responses.

What can I use LIS Gateway for?

LIS Gateway has a variety of uses: As a tool to help software developers write and test code that sends or receives LIS messages. By providing a test environment that returns real responses to LIS calls, it reduces the time it takes for developers to understand and implement the LIS standard. As middleware to provide adapters that allow applications to integrate with LIS-enabled LMSs and SISs. As a way for vendors of educational data applications to significantly decrease the time it takes to implement LIS v2.0 and achieve IMS Global certification.

What do I need in order to use Gateway?

At the bare minimum, Gateway requires a Java servlet container and database. Gateway can be installed as web archive (.war) files and the database set up using supplied SQL scripts. LIS Gateway can be installed on a local desktop or server, or as a virtual machine. Using the virtual machine saves time by allowing developers to focus on those parts of LIS that they need, rather than needing to write test servers. This basic version is designed to help development teams get up to speed quickly on using the LIS specification by providing them with a clean reference implementation. Developers can experiment as much as they like with the APIs, safe in the knowledge that they can roll the VM back to its initial state if they need to. Everything required to work with LIS is included – database, application server, service endpoints and even a bulk data exchanger – in one place, with all of the configuration done. Users will also need to have the VMware vSphere™ platform or VMware Workstation.

Does Gateway interface with SISs out of the box or does it just provide a simulated environment for testing LIS calls?

Gateway does both. We wrote it to handle the LIS specification and calls, and the idea was to use a set of adapters to provide different functionality and handle different use cases. The first adapter we wrote was to a simple database, which does provide a simulated environment. If you want to be able to receive messages from a LIS compliant SIS, it can be used as middleware to do this – provided your system has a set of APIs that the Gateway can call.

What is the pricing for LIS Gateway?

The pricing for Gateway depends on what you will be using it for. To provide a simulated environment that allows for the testing of LIS calls in a database, there is a one-off cost of £7,000. If you are looking to use Gateway as middleware in order to provide your own LIS-enabled solution, then we offer the middleware at £10,000 per annum. This allows you to run as many Gateways as you want for as many customers as you want. Annual support / updates are available at 15%. If you are interested in the middleware route, we also offer an implementation package where we investigate the APIs that you have, and let you know how “ready” your software is to work with Gateway/LIS, and any extra work that you might need to do in order to be able to pass your conformance. The cost of this package is £7,000. We also offer bespoke implementation services, where we also write the adapter between Gateway and your system and hand over to you a system that is conformant to the LIS tests. The cost of this service will depend on the state of your APIs and is quoted separately. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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