Knowledge Integration

New Electronic Resource Management project starts

We’re really excited to be setting out on a new project with friends and colleagues from the GBV Common Library Network.

Following on from our work on Knowledge Base+, GoKB and FOLIO we have been asked by GBV to lead the technical development of a community driven Electronic Resource Management (ERM) module for the FOLIO Library Services Platform. The new ERM functionality will be populated with data curated from the community run knowledgebase GoKB.

This new module is initially targeted at member libraries in Germany but the project is committed to delivering generally useful ERM functionality to the FOLIO community. In March we will be preparing for the kick-off meeting and doing groundwork for the systems development effort. Our agile process kicks off in April and will run for 6 months to elaborate and deliver the priority backlog items from our users.

We expect the new module will explore issues around drafting new electronic resource agreements, tracking trials, linking titles and packages, managing licenses and supporting renewals workflows. Ian, Steve and Gill will be working on this project, working closely with Owen Stephens as Product Owner.

diagram showing FOLIO platform architecture
FOLIO platform architecture (downloaded from