KI Share is our open source tool for organisations who share resources using the Interlibrary Loans Standard ISO 10161.

It provides an API to send and receive loan requests, and to manage the request process between two or more entities.

Target audience

Library Management System vendors and consortia looking for a black box Inter-Library Loan (ILL) engine for their own products and systems.

How can it help you?

KI Share supports the management of interlibrary loan requests.

Once installed, KI Share provides an API to send interlibrary loan request messages, to receive and action incoming request events, and to manage the request process when multiple potential suppliers are involved.

When combined with a presentation layer, KI Share gives an organisation a very quick route to providing a request management system which can be easily integrated with existing library and management applications.

KI Share can also be combined with a cross searching product such as KI Discover to provide the link between resource discovery and resource delivery in interlending systems.

About ISO 10161

ISO 10161 is an international standard for Interlibrary Loans developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It defines the rules of behaviour of when two or more entities take part in an interlibrary loan transaction. The format of interlibrary loan requests, the content of protocol messages and the procedural rules for exchanging them are all specified. There are two parts to the standard:

  1. ISO 10161-1:2014 – Part 1: Protocol specification
  2. ISO 10161-2:2014 –┬áPart 2: Protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) proforma

How to access KI Share

KI Share is is maintained on Github, where you can access the open source code.

It is available for use freely under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) open source license.

Users and projects

KI Share is being used by several vendors as part of their interlibrary loans solution.

KI Share was known previously as “OpenRequest”.