Lexaurus is a suite of products for the management and dissemination of all types of terminology, ranging from simple controlled lists to ontologies. It offers full version control of all terminology metadata and configurable management workflows.

European Schoolnet Lexaurus
Manage and view all your terminology in a configurable and scalable solution

Target audience

Any organisation anyone which has a need to disseminate, manage and control their terminology.

Adding subject experts
Editing a workflow template
Time limited voting stage
Creating a voting stage

How can it help you?

Basically, vocabulary management made easy. You might use it to:

  • link your website with controlled data sets that update automatically
  • convene a working group to provide input into proposed terminology changes
  • automatically publish your vocabularies using recognised thesaural standards
  • manage SNOMED medical ontology data and create targeted subsets
  • track all historical changes
  • visualise vocabularies at any time in their history

Lexaurus makes words make sense

Terminology reuse
Creating a SNOMED subset

Who uses Lexaurus?

From Skatteetaten (The Norwegian Tax Administration) to the International Baccalaureate and European Schoolnet, the users of Lexaurus all require scalability and standards-based, multilingual and configurable terminology management. Our customers use it to manage millions of terms, concepts and relationships in multiple languages.