Knowledge Integration

Project ReShare at ALA Midwinter, with demo

The Project ReShare steering group presented a project update and end to end demo of the resource sharing system to a packed out Town Hall meeting at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia.

Jill Morris of PALCI hosted the session, kicking off with an introduction and update on project structures and participation.

Ian Ibbotson at ALA 2020

Ian talked about the crucial importance of open standards and open systems, particularly against the backdrop of consolidation now happening in the resource sharing marketplace. He then went on to speak about the approach to integrating Re:Share with the widest possible set of supporting Library Management Systems for availability checking and circulation integration.

Sebastian Hammer from Index Data discussed the continued importance of the community in libraries taking back control of their systems, data and ecosystems, and the ways that any library can participate in the new open communities springing up around library automation.

Allen Jones from The New School spoke about the UX-led process the project has adopted and his experiences with systems integration and resource sharing.

Kristen Wilson of Indexdata ended the session with a demo of the request and supply process from beginning to end. If you missed the alpha demo fear not, you can watch Kristen’s latest presentation below.