CIIM is a middleware solution which can extract data from, and synchronize data between, back-office systems. It acts as the information broker between your data, staff and (optionally) the public.

CIIM Royal Armouries
An integrated, searchable and configurable view across all of your information

Target audience

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM organisations) and anyone else who has a need to disseminate, share, synchronise or visualise their content.

How can it help you?

CIIM list view
Text or image driven results

In a nutshell, CIIM connects people to content. You might use it to:

  • automatically publish your collections data (archive, object, media and authority) online
  • deliver data to Europeana or Archives Portal Europe
  • publish data to a triple store and align it with CIDOC CRM
  • create media artefacts for online publication
  • synchronise DAMS and collections data to remove the need for double data entry
  • add DAMS media links into your collection database
  • use IIIF for both image delivery and metadata presentation
  • process/integrate analytics data to provide insight into data and service usage

Create once, publish everywhere!

CIIM synchronisation dsahboard
Dashboard view of all data synchronisation tasks including counts, last run and data statuses

Who uses CIIM?

CIIM is widely used in the Cultural Sector with users ranging from national organisations to local galleries. Our customers are collectively using CIIM for the publication of almost 100 million items.

What’s with the name?

In case you’re wondering. CIIM is pronounced “sim” and stands for Collections Information Integration Middleware.

Examples of CIIM in use

Our portfolio contains many examples of how we’ve delivered CIIM to customers.┬áSome specific examples are detailed below, but the possibilities are endless.

  • Science Museum collections homepage

    Science Museum

    Content integrated from three back office systems to provide seamless access for members of the public in a totally cloud-based solution.

    View Science Museum project

  • iMuseum Isle of Man poster


    Users can discover items in the museum collections, library, archives, people and places all in a single search.

    View iMuseum project

  • Royal Armouries project

    Royal Armouries

    Pyramid TIFFs enable users to zoom in to view images in superb detail.

    View Royal Armouries project