The challenge

The Science Museum Group needed to provide seamless access across all of its collections, authority records and images for the first time.

Collections information is stored across three systems: Mimsy XG, Adlib and iBase Trinity. Each data store is structured very differently. The challenge for us was to extract data from all three sources, combine into a common format, and finally establish cross-system links for presentation online.

The goal was to:

  • increase public access across all the digitised collections
  • allow navigation between data from different systems
  • enable reuse of images and metadata by the public for both commercial and non commercial purposes
  • utilise an entirely cloud hosted solution

What we delivered

The end result is a seamless union of objects, authority records, media and archives from the Science Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, National Science and Media Museum and National Railway Museum.

Site visitors now explore content through a single search access point and browse interface. “Collections Online” is at the heart of the museums’ web presence, providing access to over 250,000 digital assets to visitors from around the world.

CIIM synchronises that data daily with updates, additions and deletions appearing automatically.

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