Knowledge Integration

Collections Middleware for the British Museum

Following an open invitation to tender to suppliers on the Digital Outcomes framework, part of the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace, we are delighted to have been selected by the British Museum to supply this important component in the redevelopment of the Museum’s online presence.

The British Museum holds over 8 million objects, many of which are of international importance, and currently makes 2.3 million of these available online. The chosen solution, based on our CIIM product, already used by a number of other national museums, will enhance the quality of the museum’s ‘collections online’ by interfacing directly with the Museum’s Collections Management System (MuseumIndex plus) and Digital Asset Management System (based on ADAM from Aprimo) to extract information. It will also transform the data  into a format which is easily accessible via a web search interface and provide a flexible platform, capable of interfacing with other services and systems as the Museum’s strategy evolves.

The project started in April with a short ‘immersion phase’ where k-int staff will work closely with colleagues from the Museum to refine requirements and plans prior to embarking on the implementation phase of the project.

The project will contribute to the development of the CIIM product through the implementation of new functionality.  This will include an improved search API, to isolate web developers from changes to the Elasticsearch index (for example during upgrades to new major versions of Elasticsearch) and improved batch editing functions in the administrative interface.  The new functionality will be incorporated into the main CIIM product and made available to all CIIM users, in line with our product development strategy and roadmap.

Blog cover photograph © Eric Pouhier: reproduced under licence.