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Project ReShare hits beta milestone

We’re are excited to announce the beta release of the ReShare Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system.

In an earlier post we introduced Project ReShare. In the video below Project Coordinator, Kristen Wilson, demonstrates the workflow of “request processing” from beginning to end. Starting with the reader looking for a copy of a paperback and finding it’s not available at her local library. She hits the “Get it” button and the request process begins. The request then works its way through the mostly automated workflow and Kristen shows some of the administration features for the supplying and requesting libraries, available at various points in the process.

Take a look to see how:

  • a requesting library can manage its pick-up locations, cancel outgoing requests and respond to loan conditions
  • a supplying library is able to take manual control of incoming requests, add loan conditions and process shipments
  • the system applies load balancing algorithms to make sure requests are distributed fairly between supplying libraries.