Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb)

Kuali OLE and Jisc together commissioned a freely available, international open data repository that makes data about e-resources, such as publication and licensing information, more easily available to academic libraries. The Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb) project is centred on the supply chain from content publishers to suppliers to libraries. Information about journal publishing is provided to libraries to help them deliver efficient and effective services to their users, and to help ensure that critical electronic collections are available to their students and researchers. 

GOKb is funded in part by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and led by North Carolina State University. Knowledge Integration is the primary software developer appointed by Jisc to work with major US partner universities to deliver and support GOKb, in partnership with user engagement, testing and project management specialists Sero and Owen Stephens

Knowledge Integration has also contributed to a related project which is evaluating the feasibility of tracking e-book supply, again in the context of the e-resources supply chain. Our role was to assess the technical feasibility of gathering information about who is supplying what and with what conditions.

GOKb is a sister project to Knowledge Base+. The service went live in 2012 and we are continuing to develop the software application and provide ongoing support to Jisc and Kuali OLE.